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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Future of Photography

Recently a document purported to be from Microsoft has surfaced with details on the successor to the XBox 360 some are calling it the X-Box 720.  It has an interesting feature-set, if it turns out to be authentic.  I have some thoughts about it as it pertains to photography.

One of the features, if it turns out to be real, is support for multiple sets of 3d glasses and headphones.  Console gaming systems have always been fairly ubiquitous in North American homes who can afford them. With the last generation of consoles, these appliances have taken steps outside of the gaming world.  They have turned into somewhat of a swiss army knife.

If these companies can somehow achieve critical mass, and make it worth while for the camera companies to invest into researching and developing 3d imaging systems.  The family photo book might be in for the third metamorphosis.  First we had paper and slides, then we had digital images and displays, next we might have cloud based 3d immersive photo albums!  I know 3d is not new, but it has always been specialized.  The difference here is that very soon, most households in North America will have one form of electronic 3d display capability or another.  We already have some in the form of 3d TVs, but once we have the processing capabilities that consoles and computers bring to the table, we don't just have display, we have navigation.  We have object, shape, and character recognition.  This might allow for some interesting photo-stitching, as many of us already use, but in the future it will be in three dimensions.  We could build immersive navigable 3d recreations.  This could be for stills, as well as for video.  The future looks bright for photographers.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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