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Monday, December 3, 2012

Fine Art Prints

Here are some of my favorite photos that would look great on your wall at home or at the office!
Contact me now and order a print today!

Song: Balance in All Things, Geoff Peters (http://www.gpeters.com) All photos on this page are copyrighted, and may not be used without consent in writing from the owner. Please use the contact eventhorizonsphoto@gmail.com for more information.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Greeting Cards!

A photo card is the perfect gift for friends and family that you have not seen for a while. Contact me soon for a family portrait in time for Christmas! You will get a digital photo that you can bring to any photo developer who has custom greeting card options. It might look something like this: Geoff and Heidi Christmas Card.jpg I just cobbled this one together as an example, so that I can respect copywrite, which most photo-mats have on their greeting card designs.

All photos on this page are copywrited, and may not be used without consent in writing from the owner. Please use the contact eventhorizonsphoto@gmail.com for more information.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The Whiskeyjack, otherwise known as the Grey Jay is a fairly cheeky bird when it comes to humans. They will seek out targets of opportunity for food, and you can get quite close for photos if you put in the time. For these photos, I set up a feeding station with a few nuggets of Charlee's dog food below a natural perch. They had already been stealing Charlee's meal, so I thought what the heck. It's a long Winter. They do not migrate for Winter.

They don't necessarily eat what they take right away. If they are by themselves when they find food, they often will hide it nearby, for eating at a later date. Interestingly though, if they find food that has been found by other animals as well, they will carry it a greater distance away, in order to conceal it from something else that may be watching.

I firmly believe that they keep a close eye on other Whiskeyjacks, other birds, animals, and people, in order to find food. If one happens by something good to eat, it won't be long before you will have many more snooping about.

Also, interestingly I have learned the origin of the name Whiskeyjack. It has confounded me up until now, how a bird could be named such a thing.

Wikipedia makes it clear:

"Wisakedjak (Wìsakedjàk in Algonquin, Wīhsakecāhkw in Cree and Wiisagejaak in Oji-cree) is the Crane Manitou found in northern Algonquian mythology, similar to the trickster god Nanabozho in Ojibwa aadizookaanan (sacred stories) and Inktonme in Assiniboine myth. He is generally portrayed as being responsible for a great flood which destroyed the world originally made by the Creator, as well as the one who created the current world with magic, either on his own or with powers given to him by the Creator for that specific purpose. His name is subject to many variant spellings, including Weesack-kachack, Wisagatcak, Wis-kay-tchach, Wissaketchak, Woesack-ootchacht, and undoubtedly others. It was sometimes Anglicized as Whiskey Jack, which became an alternate name for the Gray Jay."

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Timelapse

Here is a time lapse video for the morning fog burning off, and the setting sun. I don't have a lot of time to experiment these ways, I wish I had more.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Portraits

It's that time of year again, contact me today to book an autumn portrait session. This is personally my favourite time of year, especially for outdoor portraits. For your family, or just for yourself. There are many great outdoor spaces in Winnipeg, and I will travel to your favourite one to use natures wonderful colours as a backdrop for your portraits. They make a fantastic Christmas card photo! I'd also like to remind my readers that I do pet portraits too! Charlee Autumn Run Charlee Autumn Charlee Autumn Charlee Autumn Tug

Monday, July 30, 2012

Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2

Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2 Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2
Run by Forest Helicopters Inc. Out of Kenora, Ontairo
Checking power transmission line problems.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charlee Update

Charlee is my first German Shepherd. Since day one, I have been trying to expose her to as much of the world as I can, to help her be a well adjusted, confident dog. I have been teaching her basic commands, and behaviours. I intend to eventually teach her scent discrimination and eventually tracking. We are both learning as we go, but I am really happy with how it has been going so far. She has the best temperament I have ever seen first hand in a dog ever.

Does anyone know if there are volunteer organisations that could use a dog and handler in Manitoba? I am sure I could learn a lot more, a lot faster with a little bit of experienced guidance.

If anyone has any advice for me, drop me a line, or leave a comment.

Swamp Shepherd

Swimming Shepherd

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Future of Photography

Recently a document purported to be from Microsoft has surfaced with details on the successor to the XBox 360 some are calling it the X-Box 720.  It has an interesting feature-set, if it turns out to be authentic.  I have some thoughts about it as it pertains to photography.

One of the features, if it turns out to be real, is support for multiple sets of 3d glasses and headphones.  Console gaming systems have always been fairly ubiquitous in North American homes who can afford them. With the last generation of consoles, these appliances have taken steps outside of the gaming world.  They have turned into somewhat of a swiss army knife.

If these companies can somehow achieve critical mass, and make it worth while for the camera companies to invest into researching and developing 3d imaging systems.  The family photo book might be in for the third metamorphosis.  First we had paper and slides, then we had digital images and displays, next we might have cloud based 3d immersive photo albums!  I know 3d is not new, but it has always been specialized.  The difference here is that very soon, most households in North America will have one form of electronic 3d display capability or another.  We already have some in the form of 3d TVs, but once we have the processing capabilities that consoles and computers bring to the table, we don't just have display, we have navigation.  We have object, shape, and character recognition.  This might allow for some interesting photo-stitching, as many of us already use, but in the future it will be in three dimensions.  We could build immersive navigable 3d recreations.  This could be for stills, as well as for video.  The future looks bright for photographers.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Annalyn and Hugo

I had so much fun shooting for Annalyn and Hugo.  Their family and friends were so nice!  It was a fantastic spring wedding.  We had very unsusual weather for Winnipeg in the spring.  I'LL TAKE IT!  I want to take the time to thank Annalyn and Hugo for choosing me as their photographer!

A & H

A & H

A & H

A & H

Music by Delicate, Geoff Peters (http://www.gpeters.com)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit

Ok, so I'm no NASA, but I think I did a fairly decent job.  Here's the view of the Venus transit as seen from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 05-06-2012

This photo was picked up by chrisd.ca.  They gave me credit, which is great, but no link-back which is not great etiquette.  Oh well.  Next time.

Venus Transit by MB Event Horizon

Venus Transit, a photo by MB Event Horizon on Flickr.
Here's NASA's version of events:


Monday, May 21, 2012

Partial Solar Eclipse

Here are my photos from the partial solar eclipse on May 20th, 2012 Partial Eclipse Partial Eclipse Sunset Partial Eclipse Sunset

German Shepherd

German Shepherd by MB Event Horizon
German Shepherd, a photo by MB Event Horizon on Flickr.
This is a portrait of Charlee during her first trip to the lake. She had a blast, and didn't destroy too much stuff. Everyone needs a hobby I guess. She learned to swim, and collected many wood ticks to bring home.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

German Shepherd

German Shepherd German Shepherd, a photo by MB Event Horizon on Flickr.
I thought today that our pup was finally starting to calm down. She let me get close enough, and gave me enough time to get a decent composition for this photograph this morning. She set me straight tonight though.  She went nuts for no apparent reason barking for a good solid 10 minutes outside. When we let her in, she ran from one window to the other bouncing off people, and couches alike. Back and forth, back and forth. She is the best dog in the world, but she's loopy sometimes.

Mobile test post.

This is the first time I have attempted a post from my smartphone.  The view is from last night's walk with Charlee at Kilcona Dog Park.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Festival du Voyageur

Well, it's that time of year again, and le festival is in full swing. I get a real kick out of the re-enactments in period costume.  The festival runs Feb. 17 - the 26th this year (2012).  Check it out if you are looking for something to do.