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Monday, July 30, 2012

Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2

Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2 Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2
Run by Forest Helicopters Inc. Out of Kenora, Ontairo
Checking power transmission line problems.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charlee Update

Charlee is my first German Shepherd. Since day one, I have been trying to expose her to as much of the world as I can, to help her be a well adjusted, confident dog. I have been teaching her basic commands, and behaviours. I intend to eventually teach her scent discrimination and eventually tracking. We are both learning as we go, but I am really happy with how it has been going so far. She has the best temperament I have ever seen first hand in a dog ever.

Does anyone know if there are volunteer organisations that could use a dog and handler in Manitoba? I am sure I could learn a lot more, a lot faster with a little bit of experienced guidance.

If anyone has any advice for me, drop me a line, or leave a comment.

Swamp Shepherd

Swimming Shepherd