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Monday, May 9, 2011

Peregrine Falcon

Say hello to the world's fastest creature. These little guys can reach speeds upwards of 300 km/h. They need to move that fast because they eat other birds, amoung other things. This Winnipeg sighting was exciting for me because the Peregrine Falcon has been endangered, and is fairly rare. They were affected by the use of pesticides, such as DDT. Quite a nice sight to see. If I'm lucky I might get some better photos as time goes on.


I am no longer certain that this is a peregrine falcon.

If anyone can help with a positive I.D. that would be great.


  1. Great shot. I love the fanning of the tail feathers!

  2. I just saw one today, at around 4:00PM on Parker Ave, standing on top of a barbed wire chain link fence, stalking something in the grass.
    Just on Parker Ave I've seen deer, ducks, turkeys, crows, gulls, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and now a falcon. I thought it was ironic a few years ago when they clear cut some of the forest area there, paved it, and put up a Humane Society.

  3. That is a long way from where this guy was (Munroe). I have had some skepticism about it actually being a Peregrine. Are you good at identifying birds? From all the photos I took of this guy it looks to me like a Peregrine, but I would love a second opinion.


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