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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Northern Trip

August has been a busy month. I have been shooting like mad, and I have not posted much, so I'll try to make up for that a bit.

Our first stop was Steep Rock, which is not far from Winnipeg. It is close to a quarry, and the town has some static displays of mining equipment in a park just as you enter the town.

The cliffs themselves are quite nice. Very aesthetic. I can totally see doing a shoot there in the near future, perhaps some engagement photos, or family portraits.

There were quite a few dragon flies hanging around the cliffs. Not really flying about, just relaxing on the rocks. I don't know much about dragon flies, but maybe they were warming themselves? Their camouflage was amazing. You could not see them from a distance, only when you were right on top of them did they not look like just another crack in the face of the rock.

The woman behind the desk at the campground we stayed at was very helpful, with both finding the cliffs, and finding a "bed" as it were. We camped in her campsite over night.

We are fairly certain one of the garbage cans had a visit from one or two raccoons over night, because garbage was strewn all around a neighbor's campsite in the morning, but the can was un-disturbed.

The weather was not great over all, but we still made it out to Pisew falls to do some shooting. The mosquitoes were pretty bad, and the weather didn't cooperate for comfort, but sometimes a little cloud cover can add to photos, and I'm really pleased with these shots of the falls.

There is a bridge near the falls, that takes you across the Grass River to get a different perspective of the falls, and it also allows access to the hiking trail to the other falls in the area called Kwasitchewan, which are a day's hike away . We didn't make it that far, as the sun was quickly going down and we still had to find a place to camp. We did however see the other side of Pisew, and it was quite grand.

On the way back, we stopped at Baldy Mountain, Manitoba's highest point. Ok, so it's not that high, but this antenna was literally scraping the clouds when we were there. The views in the areas between there and Winnipeg were very picturesque. I will return for some more shots, I know it.

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  1. I have been there before in this type of weather, I obviously missed some good photo ops, very good job considering how you have described the weather when you were there. Did you do any fishing while you were there? It looks like it was beautiful even with the wet and cloudy days you had.


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